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My name is Kaz and I am a local Toowoomba girl (born and bred).
I discovered my passion and natural flair for marketing in 2000 while working for Birch Carrol & Coyle Cinemas as Assistant Marketing Manager.  Since then I have been employed in promotions at Southern Cross Austereo, as a Print and Digital Media Consultant at Australian Events, and as a Digital Angel at Shop my Town ( I know best job title ever right?), Most recently I looked after the marketing department a for a locally based oat supplier who do a lot of there trade through E-commerce..

A lot has changed in marketing over the years, and now in the digital age how we communicate to customers is evolving at a rapid rate
I know this can be challenging to keep on top of, that’s where I can help you!
I work with you to get maximum results from your marketing.  I help you choose the best platforms and streams to suit your individual business and then focus on getting conversions through those avenues. 

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Toowoomba Marketing Agency
Kaz Hill Marketing Consultant Toowoomba

What's different about Marketing Success Group?

As the name suggests we are a indeed a group; all of Marketing Success Groups different clients support each other via marketing and social media presence! This not only assists your posts to gain traction, but opens them up to a wider audience. My clients form a small community of like minded local business people. I’m pretty picky about the people I choose to work with, so you know you’ll be in good company.

I am passionate about marketing and keeping up to date with the ever evolving world of digital and social media. This is one of the reasons why I only take on between six and ten clients at a time, I leave several hours in my schedule each week to watch tutorials, read industry news and test and measure new strategies. This way I know I am ensuring my clients are getting the very best return on every marketing dollar they spend. Speaking of dollars, l have chosen to keep my prices affordable this way I can genuinely help businesses that need it, and may not otherwise be in a position to afford a marketing professional. 

If you think I might be the right digital marketing manager to get your business’s message out there, I ‘d love to meet up and have a chat, it’s obligation free and FREE too.

My Services

All of the below listed services are available individually or can be bundled together to create a cost saving package tailored to suit your business’ individual needs. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and identify the most effective strategy to grow your business.


Do you need a Facebook page for your business but don't know where to start?
I also offer to do regular posting to your Facebook business page including images, personalised tiles and copy writing. I can even take some photo's of you if selfies aren't your thing!


I offer a service to create new Instagram business pages. Also I can do regular posting to your Instagram on your behalf including copywriting and a collection of hashtags curated specifically for your business.


Email creation including copy, layout, call to actions and link to your shop or website. Unused client email lists are one of the most overlooked 'assets' in a business. Regular emails can be very powerful and profitable tools.

Google Business Profile

Get seen on google.
Google business profiles are a free listing service on google, if you don't currently have a Google Business Profile you are missing out on arguably the most powerful tool for getting found on the internet. Obviously Google favours Google when showing search results.
This is also a great place to showcase products and keep customers updated on your business.


I work with a talented local web designer who can bring your online presence to life; from a simple refresh of your current website, to building you a complete new site. You can have as much or as little creative input on this as you like.
We can also add keywords and SEO to your website, a website that can't be found by your clients or customers is kind of useless after all.

Graphic Design

I can help with all of your graphic design needs. Whether it's a small job like creating a eye catching logo for your business or a larger job like e-books, brochures or pamphlets. Chat to me about your graphic design needs and vision. All jobs are done at my affordable hourly rate, you might be surprised just how affordable it is.. Click here to see one of my clients Instagram pages for an example of my work.

Let's have a coffee and chat?

Go ahead and send me a an email, message me or give me a call.
I offer you a no cost initial consultation where we can sit down and have a chat (and a coffee). This chat is simply an opportunity for you to meet me and for me to meet you, you can tell me about your business and you can ask me any questions you might have. That’s it 🙂

From there we can both determine if I am the right fit for you and your business’s needs (this is when you can tell me if you are not interested and I will leave you alone, I promise, no pestering, no pressure). This works out best for both of us, after all I only want to work with clients who are excited to work with me.  After that we can then discuss your marketing goals, talk about your budget and discuss the best options available to grow your business using the power of digital and social media!

 I would really love to hear from you, and my inbox is always open!

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